Bullmer automatic labeling system

German Technology Cutting-Room Solutions

Target market:

Suitable for use in a wide range of industry sectors and areas of application.


All types of material can be processed with the tools of the MFB 8001.

Outstanding advantages:

The MFB 8001 was designed to offer different tools complementing those provided on other cutting bridges available from bullmer. These include equipment for labelling and ultrasonic sealing, ink-jet printer as well as further optional tools.
The MFB 8001 consists of a control system with a maximum configuration of 4 axes (X-Y-Z-C) for material stacks of up to 80 mm in height. The transverse support is equipped with a toothed belt drive, carries the printing unit and the label placer. Operating like a plotter, the coordinate carriage with the labeller and label placer moves to the defined label position and deposits the self-adhesive label. If labelling is to be performed at several buffer or transfer stations, the marker can be relocated between stations by means of a transfer vehicle

Option Labeller:

Using the MFB 8001 with labeller, the panels are marked automatically with the details required for the subsequent processing either before or after the automatic cutting. The MFB 8001 receives all the data required for the marking from the marker system (CAD) via the network, a USB stick or offline (e.g. plotfile). How the marking is performed depends on the machine concept:

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on the spreading table or spreading conveyor after spreading (2nd segment)

on a buffer table or buffer conveyor

in the clearing zone

The labelling system is barcode-enabled. The labelling system prints the self-adhesive labels, positions to each panel in turn and affixes the label to the top layer of material.

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