Thagora meets the great challenges of global leather upholstery industry

The leather upholstery industry is facing major challenges worldwide. The continuous sophistication of end customers’ tastes leads to a higher degree of products customization. At the same time, the escalating price of raw materials on a global scale and the cost of the highly qualified workforce are very important aspects. They add to the pressure of increasing production to cover new opportunities in emerging markets. With an understanding of these needs, Gemini CAD Systems offers the best-performing technical solution for the core of this business: the leather cutting room.

icon - leather consumption optimizationAnchorLeather consumption optimization

Leather saving is often regarded as a problem related only to nesting efficiency. Although Thagora offers a high nesting performance, it also exploits all the opportunities to optimize other areas of the leather cutting room that are often overlooked.

icon - increase operators efficiencyAnchorIncreased operators’ efficiency

Your people are very important for the production process. The effective use of their skills and the traceability of their work make all the difference. Given the high cost of labor, especially in Europe and in the United States, the increase of the operators’ efficiency, without the need to be overqualified, is a significant economic advantage.

icon - machine usage optimizationAnchorMachines usage optimization

Your machines are the core of your production line so it is crucial to use them at their maximum output capacity. By introducing the Off-Line workflows, Thagora is designed to maximize the capacity of your machines, providing a significant increase in the production volume.

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