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THE ECONOMIC ASPECTFor beginners as well as for professionals, bullmer has developed a new version of bullmer. Light version of the popular PREMIUMCUT ELC. The EASYCUT is robust and space-saving and convinces with its attractive price-performance ratio....
Part No: B7703
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Target market:Upholstery manufacturers, garments industry, automotive industry, leather processors, processors of technical textiles and composites, graphic industry (sign & packaging).Materials:Woven and non-woven technical textiles, composites, sheet materials, rubber, flooring and a ...
Part No: B7709
Bristle Block For Kuris Cutting Machine Spare Parts ...
Part No: 49442
Target Markets: Apparel, upholstery, automotive, aircraft and analogue industries. It services mass production with the demand of high output. Materials: Woven and non-woven, coated and quilted materials. Outstanding advantages: The PROCUT is a heavy duty cutting machine. Configurable with ...
Part No: B7706
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
PN-100146-Roller-Re...Bullmer Cutter parts
  PN 100146 Roller Return Pulley Cutter   Bullmer Cutter Parts   ...
Part No: 100146
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Compact E600
Target market:Clothing and upholstery industry as well as companies processing technical textiles.Materials:Technical textiles as well as normal and sensitive textiles.Outstanding advantages:High-precision and ...
Part No: B7711
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
AWM 2000
Target market: Automatic Composite and Upholstery Material Spreader Automotive and upholstery industry as well as companies processing technical textiles Materials: Pliable flat textiles, home textiles, Non-Woven and technical textiles Outstanding advantages: The automatic system releases the beginning end of the material, thread the flat material by means of sensor control ...
Part No: B7701
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Compact E1700/1800
Application range:Clothing and upholstery industry as well as companies processing technical textiles.Material:Technical textiles, plastic films as well as normal and very sensitive textiles (woven and knit fabrics)Special features:...
Part No: B7710
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Target market:Upholstered furniture industry, technical textile processors and related applications.Materials:All flexible flat materials stored as roll goods.Outstanding advantages:The Transroll is a flexible ...
Part No: B7712
The offload-system (with robot and gripper system) is particularly suitable for removing materials from cutter tables. Fields such as fiber composite, automotive, textile / leather and aerospace estimate the possibility for the selective removal of blanks.The bullmer offload-system is flexible and can easily be integrated into existing processes. Various gripper ...
Part No: B7707
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Compact E100
Target market:Clothing and upholstery industry as well as companies processing technical textiles.Materials:...
Part No: B7702
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Target market:Apparel and upholstery industries. It services small production series with the demand of high output.Materials:Woven and non-woven apparel and home-textiles.Outstanding advantages:Due to light ...
Part No: B7713
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
match-it (Apparel)
Target market:Manufacturers of high quality clothing.Materials:Patterned, woven or printed fabrics.Outstanding advantages:Semi-automatic pattern matching with millimetre accuracy in a ...
Part No: B7704
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Target market:Suitable for use in a wide range of industry sectors and areas of application.Materials:All types of material can be processed with the tools of the MFB 8001.Outstanding advantages:The MFB 8001 was ...
Part No: B7705
Bullmer CNCBullmer CNC
Target market:Clothing and upholstery industry as well as companies processing technical textilesMaterials:Apparel textiles, home textiles and pliable technical textilesOutstanding advantages:The STAE40/W50 ...
Part No: B7708