JUKI AMS-224EN-6030 Industrial Large Field Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 23'.6 x 11'.8 Sewing Field The Juki AMS-EN Series, the AMS-224EN-4530 and AMS-224EN-6030 Computer-Controlled Cycle Machines with Input Function. These machines offer advanced features and improved performance to enhance your sewing experience and ...

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PATTERN SEWING MACHINES: AMS-224EN-6030 Programmable Pattern


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Item #: AMS-224EN-6030

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Product Dimensions (L/H/W)
Product Weight
1000 lbs
Shipping Dimensions (L/H/W)
Shipping Weight
1000 lbs
New Category
Settable stitch length
0.1~12.7mm (0.05mm step)
Change in height of the
Stepless control by programming (controlled by a stepping motor)
Needle thread tension
Active tension (electronic thread tension control mechanism)
Thread trimming device
High-speed thread trimming mechanism driven by a stepping motor
Storage of pattern data
Main-body memory: Max. 500,000 stitches, 999 patterns
Bobbin thread counter
Up / Down system (0~9,999)
Sewing machine motor
Compact AC servomotor (direct-drive system)
Power requirement
Single-phase, 3-phase 200~240V / 550VA
Juki sewing machines
Item #


JUKI AMS-224EN-6030 Industrial Large Field Programmable Pattern Sewing Machine with 23".6 x 11".8 Sewing Field

The Juki AMS-EN Series, the AMS-224EN-4530 and AMS-224EN-6030 Computer-Controlled Cycle Machines with Input Function. These machines offer advanced features and improved performance to enhance your sewing experience and increase productivity.
The AMS-224EN-4530 has a sewing area of X: 450mm x Y: 300mm, while the AMS-224EN-6030 offers a wider sewing area of X: 600mm x Y: 300mm. Both machines boast the highest sewing speed of 2,500sti/min among machines with a similar sewing area. This high sewing speed allows for efficient stitching and makes the most out of the wider sewing area, enabling various sewing applications such as attaching handles to bags and pouches, sewing belts, and even sewing airbags.
With improved seam quality, increased productivity, and easier operation, these machines are designed to meet the demands of professional sewers and manufacturers. The AMS-EN Series has gained popularity in the market due to its ease of use, smooth setting of sewing materials, and the large-sized color liquid crystal touch panel.
One of the key features of the AMS-224EN Series is the newly developed encoder-controlled stepping motor system for the X-Y feed mechanism. This system ensures more accurate sewing performance, leading to increased productivity and higher-quality stitching.
In addition to their impressive performance, the AMS-224EN machines are also designed with energy efficiency in mind. They incorporate a direct-drive system that utilizes a compact AC servomotor, resulting in a 30% reduction in average power consumption during operation and a 45% reduction during standby compared to our conventional model. This power-saving design not only benefits the environment but also contributes to cost savings for your business.
The AMS-224EN machines offer enhanced responsiveness and sewing quality through JUKI's unique active tension and programmable intermediate presser. The active tension allows for precise adjustments to the needle thread tension, ensuring optimal stitching results for different materials and sewing conditions. The programmable intermediate presser allows you to set the height of the lower dead point of the presser, preventing stitch skipping and thread breakage while protecting your sewing products.
To further enhance your sewing experience, the AMS-224EN machines feature a large-sized liquid crystal touch panel with a user-friendly interface. The panel allows for easy input and editing of sewing data, displaying important information such as stitch shape, needle thread tension, sewing speed, and more. With the key-lock customization function and simplified operation mode, you can customize the machine settings and streamline your workflow.
The memory storage capacity of the AMS-224EN machines has also been dramatically enhanced. You can now store up to 500,000 stitches and 999 patterns in the machine's memory, allowing for easy access to your sewing data. The machines are equipped with a USB connector, enabling you to input/output data to/from various media devices such as USB thumb drives and memory cards.
We believe that the AMS-224EN-4530 and AMS-224EN-6030 machines will revolutionize your sewing process, providing you with the speed, accuracy, and versatility required to excel in your sewing projects. We are confident that these machines will meet and exceed your expectations.
If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the AMS-224EN Series, please do not hesitate to contact our dedicated support team. We are here to assist you and provide the necessary information to help you make the most informed decision.

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At Dematron, we understand that every sewing project is unique and requires a machine that can deliver precision, reliability, and versatility. With our extensive knowledge and experience in Juki sewing machines, we can help you find the ideal machine that will meet and exceed your expectations.
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We take the time to understand your specific sewing application requirements, whether you are a professional seamstress, a hobbyist, or an industrial manufacturer. By considering factors such as the type of fabrics you work with, the complexity of your projects, and your desired features, we can recommend the perfect Juki sewing machine for you.
Dematron offers a wide range of Juki sewing machines, catering to various sewing applications and skill levels. From basic models for beginners to advanced machines for complex projects, we have a diverse selection to choose from. Rest assured, we will help you find the one that suits your needs and budget.
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  • Sewing area 23".6 x 11".8
  • Semi-dry head
  • Active tension
  • The large-sized liquid crystal touch panel
  • Key-lock customization function
  • USB-ready main body of the sewing machine uses many different kinds of media
  • Programmable intermediate presser
  • Sewing speed of 2,500sti/min
ams224enams224enJuki programmable sewing machine AMS-224-EN-6030, 6040, Manual
partslistpartslistJuki computer controlled AMS-224EN Parts list
instruction_eginstruction_egJuki pattern sewing machine instruction manual
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