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For years, the In-Line workflow has been the standard of the leather cutting room. With all the operations - scanning, automatic or manual nesting and cutting - being performed at once, on the cutter, the only advantage of this process is its simplicity. Although this workflow is still useful for shoes industry manufacturer or workshops with small production, it has severe drawbacks in other situations.
In 2010, Gemini CAD Systems has launched the Off-Line Basic workflow, designed to meet the requirements of furniture and automotive industries. In 2013, after further developments made in close cooperation with our clients, we launched the Off-Line Advanced workflow, specially tailored for the precise needs of leather-upholstered furniture industry.
Additionally, the knowledge gained in this process was used to improve the In-Line workflow managed by Thagora.

Main differences between the possible workflows

Leather Scanning Machine with Infrared technologyautomotive web-16automotive web-15automotive web-15
Increased nesting efficiency by:
  • Multi-hide nesting
  • 24/7 nesting
  • Adaptive nesting strategies
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Increased efficiency on the entire batch using the hides pre-allocationautomotive web-16automotive web-16automotive web-15
Quick leather supplier quality controlautomotive web-16automotive web-16automotive web-15
Increased cutting machine productivityautomotive web-16automotive web-15automotive web-15
Increased system uptime due to independent scanning and cutting processesautomotive web-16automotive web-15automotive web-15
Simple hides logisticautomotive web-15automotive web-15automotive web-16
Hide labeling and repositioning not requiredautomotive web-15automotive web-16automotive web-16

Each of the workflows have advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the correct workflow is highly related to the production characteristics. Below, the relation between industry average characteristics, main advantages impact by industry and our recommendation is illustrated.

Industry average characteristics


Advantages impact by industry


Recommended workflow by industry


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